We’ve talked about these progressive jackpot games at Posh Bingo before, but we want to bring them to you again as these are some great bingo games that you will find only at Posh Bingo. The games are Stretch Limo and Stiletto, the chances to win are there, and all you need to do is play bingo. Just recently we talked about a few of those big winners, and if you play, perhaps it will be your name that will be in print next! These are two different games one offered in the 75 ball bingo form, and the other is a 90 ball bingo game; tickets are not expensive and to win the big jackpot you need to play and win with 38 calls in the Stretch Limo game. This is a 90 ball bingo game and the jackpot can get up to some huge amounts.

While the 75 ball Stiletto game is another fabulous chance to win big. Here if you win within those first 30 calls you get the big jackpot. The minimum amount you will win is 250 GBP, still a nice amount. Find out the different times that you can play these games by visiting Posh Bingo and checking out the bingo schedule. These are only two of the great games that you can play when you head over to enjoy some online bingo at Posh Bingo.

They have many other fabulous offers that are always going on. So check them out and sign up with one of the best online bingo sites that you will find. If you’re not a member of this fabulous site sign up right now and get a wonderful 200% bonus on that first deposit that you place. Head over and try out these progressive jackpot games or one of the other great games you will find at Posh Bingo.

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This news post was written by Tracey Trevors on March 23, 2010