Posh BingoHow about this for an incredible bingo online prize? Would you like to win a trip to Los Angeles with £500 spending money? That’s why you need to get to Posh Bingo to play their £3k LA game taking place at 9:45 PM on Sunday, 3 July. Okay, so it’s a couple of months away yet, but it’s remarkable just how quickly that time will come round, and Posh Bingo are giving you the chance to win this trip of a lifetime for just £1, or FREE, if you know what to do!

What can I win, what can I win?

The prize is £2500 holiday vouchers plus £500 in spending cash. Woo hoo! Start the day at Universal Studios, then head off into the Hollywood Hills and you never know, you might spot a superstar. We’ll have Tom Cruise please!

How can I win?

Either pre-buy your £1 cards now, or earn FREE cards to the game for every 500 points you accumulate. And, in true Posh Bingo style, it is easy and fun to do so. Collect 250 points for telling Posh Bingo where in Los Angeles you would like to go and why and tell them who you would like to take and why for 100 points.

Come to the after show party
This is your exclusive VIP invite to the after show party. The chat room will stay open for one hour after the main game with extra games of bingo online from 5P, double chat points and of course, all of your favourite chat games. So if you aren’t a member of Posh Bingo yet darling, it’s time to go and play where the posh people play.

This news post was written by Tracey Trevors on April 21, 2011