Posh Bingo Joy PotThat’s right it could almost be time for you to share in an amazing promotion, the Joy Pot game. The game is being held at Posh Bingo and will take place on January 1st. That’s not far away at all, and if you’ve not gotten those tickets yet, buy them or earn them for free. Because this is the third playing of the Joy Pot game and there will only be one more to come after this.

But it’s actually changed this time around too, because in order to celebrate the fact that it’s an almost New Year and all they’ve upped the amount in the pot. Instead of 25,000 pounds you will now be playing for a part of 30,000 pounds! Is that not fantastic news and the way that they pot will now be split up is great.

If you happen to win that full house you’re going to be having an extra 25,000 pounds in your account and your pocket! The two line winner will be getting 3,000 pounds and even that one line winner will get a nice win with 2,000 pounds.

Not a member of Posh Bingo yet, you may want to join right now so you can participate in this offer. It was great of them to up that pot and give the big winner 10,000 more pounds! And that big winner just may be you, if you’re a member though!

So get over and place that first deposit on your account and you will earn a match of 200 percent. Though you won’t really be able to earn any points to get free tickets you will be able to buy tickets at 5 pounds each. But it’s well worth the chance if you happen to walk away with any of the three wins!

This news post was written by Tracey Trevors on December 27, 2010