Just last November the site of Posh Bingo did a total revamping. Changing their look and making the site one that is truly unique. Creating a new look in the lobby and an overall new look that has made it one of the best sites continually to offer online bingo and many other games. With some fantastic promotions and fifteen hours every day that you can play free bingo in, well it just doesn’t get much better than this. Each day those players who are funded players have two times they can play many free bingo games. The bingo jackpots are a set guaranteed amount of 50 GBP. The first time to play is at 8:30 am that is for those early risers out there or at night you can play at 8:30 pm.

There are bingo bonus funds that are offered when you play in the Freebies room and the Cash Crazy rooms too. Those times to get over there are from 10am and 1am. Tons of free bingo that will make many people happier than anything! The competition is one that each day sees a lot of different online bingo sites attempting to succeed. So it’s a big thing for these other sites to continue to offer some great deals to keep people playing at them. But posh bingo gives you so much more than just that free bingo. There are some really awesome promotions that they run all the time.

Checking out their offers is very simple, head on over and click on that bingo promotions tab to see just what is going on. Check out the rules and requirements and see what bonus offers they have, because you’ll see just what everyone else loves!

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This news post was written by Tracey Trevors on February 8, 2010