Each and every day we wake up and there seems to be one more online bingo site available which we have to go through review and check out in order to see if it is a trustworthy destination to refer our players too in any situation; on the one hand this might seem to be all great but have you sat down and thought were all this is leading to? Well for us its becoming a bit of a night mare as we got to handle so many requests for inclusion plus we got to register and check out all those new sites available trying to claim their own share of this so called booming industry. The reality is that we truly do think that is industry is not booming and its not going to end up nice for many sites as all this revolution is just causing frustration, confusion and ending up to be a general royal mix up.

As you can understand most site owners or most site owning companies own a few portals which they optimize to meet the criteria of major search engines and try to grab traffic from search engines in order to redirect to their own real money sites. Although this is not an illegal practice it is getting a bit out of hand as more and more useless out of date portals are making their appearance trying to rank for major keywords and making the practice of explaining to players the basics of bingo very hard for big portals which take what they do very, very seriously as they were #1 built by specialists of the industry, #2 built by people with major knowledge of the industry and #3 made based on criteria of merit.

What we would like to point out once again is that if you are a new player we would want to explain that although search engines have progresses very much during recent years they don’t fall out of the category of machines; which means that they will show sites in their index that match their likes and dislikes. They don’t present results based on which sites have a reputation of offering fair games and they don’t present their results based on which sites are licensed from a proper jurisdiction.

Therefore before you fall in to any trap that will make the online gaming experience go 100% sour be careful; because it is getting a bit out of hand so make sure you read through bingo reviews, bingo listings and explanations of what and what not to look out for. Real money bingo is fun but it don’t stop being a soft form of gambling and if you get caught with scammers your online bingo experience will go nasty which of course we do not want to witness. If you have any problems make sure you report ant complaints to us by contacting us ASAP.

This news post was written by Tracey Trevors on July 8, 2010