Silk BingoSilk Bingo, that wonderfully silky smooth online bingo site, are offering one of the most incredible prizes that we have ever reported on. How would you like to win the trip of a lifetime? This is your chance to win a place aboard the 2010 Bingo Cruise to the stunning Caribbean with #Chica# and #CLGma#. This is the ultimate prize for any serious bingo lover and the package includes some of the most wonderful goodies imaginable. Included are flights and transfers to and from Miami and any other travel costs. Silk Bingo will also treat you to 7 nights on board Carnival Cruise Line’s good ship Liberty. We’ve just had a sneaky Google of this amazing vessel and she makes the Titanic look like a paper boat on a mill pond. She is HUGE.

Silk Bingo will also throw in 60 free games of Championship Bingo — oh, did we forget to mention that there is an $80,000 bingo tournament on board? How could that have possibly slipped our minds? Just imagine — cruising the jewels of the Caribbean with your favourite chat hosts, playing in an $80,000 bingo tournament. Surely that’s enough? Well, it’s not. Silk Bingo will also pay for all of your meals, and treat you to a private cocktail party plus excursions to Grand Cayman and Jamaica. If this all sounds too good to be true, it isn’t. You need to get Silk Bingo as soon as possible to find out how to qualify for this dream bingo prize of a lifetime. And hopefully, we will see you at the Captain’s table.

This news post was written by Tracey Trevors on August 9, 2010