Sky BingoThe January sales are on right now at Sky Bingo so forget trudging around a freezing cold high street, sifting through mountains of clothing, be at Sky Bingo for a full hour of free bingo on 31 January. This is part of Sky Rewards Week — seven days of big value bingo online. But it’s no ordinary hour of free bingo — there is £1000 up for grabs, and plenty of those amazing Sky Bingo chat games we all know and love. It’s the most prestigious bingo event of the year so far, and to get your invite, you need to spend £10 on bingo tickets on three different days between now and Sunday, 30 January. You then get your automatic invite to the party room.

Another important reason to join Sky Bingo is because every day at 8:30 PM in the Value, Premium and Pennies Rooms, there is £500 in guaranteed prize money, with tickets just 5p each. No other bingo online destination gives away such large amounts of money for such small amounts of cash.

The rewards for joining Sky Bingo are impressive too. Sign today, deposit a fiver, and Sky Bingo will see you right with an extra £15 in your account. We love January sales at the best of times, but when they come to the world of bingo, they just get even better. And nobody does a January sale like Sky Bingo. We will see you in the party room on the big night.

This news post was written by Tracey Trevors on January 26, 2011