New Bingo Promotions - A 75 Ball Bingo CardEnjoy September at Sun Bingo
Sun Bingo is a spot that you can find a lot of promotions and they seem to have them each month of the year. It’s not changing because the offers are all there again in September, with brand new ones that will give you chances at money and prizes and a lot of fun. Plus not only that but there is still another shot at winning a car too! So if you really have never been to Sun Bingo you may want to check them out this month and head over and play there as one of your main bingo locations.

From free bingo to plenty of money up for grabs you can find it all at Sun Bingo. To really see what kind of offers are coming up you can go over right now to the promotions tab. It will show you what promotions you can play in and what the requirements are. It’s a great way to plan you bingo day week or even month. Knowing when and where you will need to play is something that will allow you to plan just the perfect times to play. Of course they do have many offers where you can buy tickets ahead of time as well.

It’s a great idea to make sure you don’t miss out on the many bigger offers that will normally be on those pre-buy venues. Of course you can’t forget about the free bingo that will be offered either each day at Sun Bingo. Again you can find the schedule online at that location so you can figure out what time you will want to focus on your free play games.
Find out that you simply love this site when you are there to play, don’t forget to earn you 10 GBP by inviting someone to the site. Plus when they join you can also find yourself entered to win a brand new Fiat 500!

Prizes up for grabs at Bingo Me Happy

That’s right normally we try and talk about the money that is up for grabs out there. But once in a while those prizes are nice to win. Because well there are some really fantastic prizes that these online bingo sites will hand out to their winners. This chance is from Bingo Me Happy and it’s a shot for you to win a kitchen steamer. A wonderful 9 litre steamer that will be something you can use each and every day when you go into the kitchen to cook. Just place in your food and make sure that you set that timer and the steam will cook the food as you sit and play bingo!

There are many other promotions that you will find at Bingo Me Happy too. Like that one that is all about the end of the summer and school starting up again. You know the shot at 600 GBP that is fast coming to an end. Well it will end on Tuesday and that doesn’t leave you much time to play and collect those letters that spell out SCHOOL. But you do have a bit of time and may earn some of that 600 GBP that they are giving away!

You have many other things to, just head over to the promotions tab and you can read up on all those offers that you may want to participate in. But keep in mind that you do need to be a member of that site to play in these offers. Just join and place money on your account it will only take you a few minutes to complete and you’ll have plenty of promotions and games to choose from!

Enjoy a Cook off at Red Bus Bingo

Through Monday and that is today at Red Bus Bingo they have gotten some of the best additional bonus offers you can find around. You know it’s a bank holiday and well all these bingo sites are throwing in extra special things because of that. Now with this offer you will be able to get another 85 percent on top of you deposit that you make through August 30th and only at Red Bus Bingo. You can only earn this one time a day though so make sure you don’t plan on trying it more than once to get this special bonus, it won’t work. Just place your money on that account and be sure to give the cod of RED to that cashier and you will have your extra money.

Also this chance to win one of four Levi Roots books that will be given away during their Carnival Time promotion. Some of the best you can find around if you love that Caribbean cooking, so be ready to win. The four winners will come from the HOT DOG pattern game, N pattern game, someone who wins on number 29 and finally the person who places the most money playing the Monkey Multi Madness game too.

Even an offer of free bingo is going to be happening today at Red Bus Bingo. It’s a really easy one to play in too, because all it takes is a past photo of you in that school uniform. You need to do this by 11:59 pm though on August 30th and you can get some extra bonus points. They will give people 5,000 bonus points for doing this simple task. Not only that but there are going to be 5 people from those who send in their pictures who will be picked to get a History Boys DVD too! So be there and get in on the fun that is left at this bingo spot!

Astro Bingo and where to enjoy your summer

So many locations have some of the best summer promotions that you can find around. It’s not hard to find them out there. But here is a new one for you coming from Astro Bingo. It’s called the Dog Days of Summer Challenge and well it’s got a pot of 5,000 GBP that you can win. This promotion has been going on for some time now, but you still have until September 2nd to get to Astro and see what is going on, and earn you share of some money as well. There you are going to find two challenge games that you can play too, the Dog Bone and the Hot Dog, you can play them as many times as you want through the ending date of the promotion. Winning those bingo games are going to earn you a badge that you can place on your badge board!

Those challenge games will also be a way that you can earn some extra money as well. Right now each time you complete one of them you are going to get 5 GBP in bingo bonus money too! That’s a great chance to get a lot of free money really on your account. Play each of the challenges three times a day and you can earn a total of 15 for each of them! Those games will run twice an hour and they begin at 6 in the morning and will go until 1 am. The rooms you should go to in order to play those games are Lucky Streak and Money Tree.

Plus right now when you head over to Astro Bingo you will get 1 pound free just for joining the site, with no deposit needed. That means you can play around 100 free bingo games on that small offer they give you, and that is a lot of bingo games! If you do make a deposit on your account you will earn a bonus of 250 percent on the amount you place on your account as well.

This news post was written by Tracey Trevors on August 30, 2010