Sun Bingo PromotionsIt’s no lie that Sun Bingo is one of the best spots to play online bingo at. In my opinion they have some of the best promotions that you can find online. After all a place where two years in a row they have given members a shot to win a free car, well it’s just amazing. There is more about this location though than just those cars! Right now you have a shot to play for a Money Tree! The tree that you can play for is worth 13,000 GBP too. Now that is a lot of money and with this promotion that is called Reasons to play every day, well you can see why you may want to play bingo at Sun Bingo each day that you have a chance to play.

With plenty of games to play you just may not know what to play. But whatever you play you have a shot to win all that money. Look up the specifics of this promotion by heading to Sun Bingo right now and clicking on that tab that says “promotions”. All the details are going to be right there for you to see.

The next special game will be coming up soon, September 5th and well you should be ready because you can buy those tickets now if you want too. The game itself will start at 8:45 pm on September 5th though again so you don’t forget mark this day down. Tickets are going to cost you 1 GBP each.

In that game you will have a shot to win three different times. For a one line win you can take away 1,000 GBP for the two line win you will win 2,000 GBP and finally the full house winner is going to get 10,000 GBP. A great deal and one that you can now mark on your calendar to make sure you don’t miss out on!

This news post was written by Tracey Trevors on August 18, 2010