Tasty Bingo have always been known for delicious, lipsmacking promotions, and over the Easter holiday weekend, you can win fantastic chocolate treats and cash. The fun begins on Good Friday, 22 April. Be the top player on any instant game or any pattern over the holiday weekend to win an Easter egg from chocolate connoisseurs, Green and Blacks. On the Saturday, if you bingo the most on the magic rabbit pattern, you win a Firecracker Easter Egg. On the Sunday, be the player to wager on Easter Island instant game, to win £25 in cash, and on the Monday, be the top player on the Happy Harvest mini game to win £30 in cash. Sounds delicious? Then wait until you find out what else Tasty Bingo have in store…

Tasty £2000 trolley dash

Tasty Bingo want to take away the pain of extortionate shopping bills, so play there on Saturday, 2 July to win yourself a truly remarkable amount of shopping vouchers. Cover one line to win £400, cover two lines to win £600, and if you get the full house, you will be taking home £1000. You can either pre-buy your £1 cards now, or earn free tickets to the game in lots of fun ways.

Free gift for you

Tasty Bingo is all about delicious bingo … and calories! And, in a move unlike very few bingo online sites, they have a special gift you when you register. When you deposit, you can either choose from a £10 cash bonus, delicious Belgian handmade chocolates or even a bottle of soft, fruity Spanish wine. What will it be?

This news post was written by Tracey Trevors on April 21, 2011