Think BingoWhat ever you were doing this Friday, CANCEL IT. Think Bingo have a special invitation for you, and you cannot afford to miss it. The record-breaking Jumbo Jackpot is back as Think Bingo give away 10 grand at 9 PM this Friday, 20 May. And, just to spice things up a little, Think Bingo have made it a thrilling five line game. Don’t you just love it when bingo online gets so exciting?

What can I win?

The £10,000 split down like this: the full house prize will win £3000. Four lines will win £2000. Three lines wins £1500, and two or one lines will win £1000. And Think Bingo have even been extra generous with 1TG pots and 2TG pots, with a total of £1500 to share between the runners up. Tickets cost just £1, and we can highly advise you prepurchase them right now just in time for this Friday night.

The Gadget show

We can’t help but think the team at Think Bingo must love the Gadget Show. Every weekend, you can try your luck at winning high-tech gadgets and goodies. Each Friday at 9 PM, Think Bingo give away a huge 50 inch home cinema system, or if that doesn’t quite take your fancy, choose a 40 inch LCD TV. Look out for a laptop or a digital camera up for grabs every Sunday, amongst loads of other opportunities to win sensational prizes.

£20 free right now

So, you need to get Think Bingo now to play Internet bingo at its best. What, with a £10,000 jackpot coming your way this Friday, and a £20 welcome offer, we think you’d be mad not to go join the fun!

This news post was written by Tracey Trevors on May 16, 2011