Think BingoIt’s tonight! This Friday and every Friday at Think Bingo. This is your chance to win an enormous 50 inch home cinema system at 9 PM. The game plays at Think Bingo with tickets costing just £1. Get there now if you can’t be around, and pre-buy to your heart’s content.

Think Bingo £25,000 spectacular

Want to win big? Then you need to register at Think Bingo right now. They give away over £25,000 every week. If you love to play huge £1000 guaranteed games, plus loads of £250 and £500 games, then take your thinking cap off and play today.

Introducing bingo brolly

The sun always shines with the Think Bingo Brolly. These are umbrella points, and you collect them for entry into a huge £10,000 Sunshine Jackpot game. For every £20 you wager on bingo and £200 wagered on instant games, you collect one brolly. One brolly is equal to one card for the game and there are lots of other ways to win ‘em, so keep your eyes peeled.

Bounce Back Bonus

We love this one! If you are unlucky enough to lose five games in a row, Think Bingo reward you handsomely. This runs randomly, so keep your eyes open — you can earn up to 5% cashback, just for having a run of bad luck.

Super 5ive bingo

Oh yeah! We can’t get enough of this — super five bingo is brand-new five line, 75 ball bingo. This doesn’t give you just one chance to win when you play a 75 ball game, but five chances! It runs every night from 7 PM, and gives you more ways than ever to win a tasty Think Bingo online jackpot.

This news post was written by Tracey Trevors on September 28, 2011