Roll up for the £1000 guaranteed jackpot taking place tomorrow night at Think Bingo, Thursday, August 11. Indeed, if you pre-buy at 25p per card now, it doesn’t matter whether you are there or not for the game. It’s definitely worth treating yourself to a few, especially when the jackpot is so big.

Bounce Back Bonus

Think Bingo have introduced a fabulous new cashback bonus, but you have to keep your eyes peeled for it. It runs randomly, and if you are lucky enough to find yourself in a session, you get cashback on your losses if you have had five losing games during lunchtime.

5uper 5 bingo

Does it really get your goat when end a game of bingo with just one number to go? Are you always typing 1TG instead of walking away with a juicy house prize? Don’t worry, Think Bingo have taken the sting out of it with this fabulous new room. You get five chances to win in every game, making you five times more likely to win. It plays every night at 7 PM, so be in the room with your eyes down, ready to grab your share of the jackpot.

Make a splash in the Think Tank

Get your thinking cap on and check this: every week, Think Bingo give you a different number to bingo on. If you do this, you will win Think Points which can be redeemed for free tickets. Make a big splash and prepare to win FOC.

£10 welcome money

Think Bingo are waving £20 under your nose. Register today to play bingo online, and if you deposit £20, you get £40 in bonus cash free, meaning £60 to play with. We don’t think it needs any further thought — get to Think Bingo and play now.

This news post was written by Tracey Trevors on August 16, 2011