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Love those bingo bonus points that you get at all your favorite online sites? Well you can get plenty when you play at Dream Bingo. All during this week they are set to give out 3,750 total bingo bonus points to various players. This is all part of their Summer Sales promotion and one that you should try and attend!

If 75 ball bingo is the game that you love, head over to enjoy that pattern game that is playing right now. It’s the Basket pattern and one that can have you winning not only some bingo bonus points, six of them, but cash too along with the deal.

You don’t have to play a pattern game though if you don’t like them. Just head over to the 90 ball room and play your bingo there instead. You will need to pay a bit of attention because there can be specials that will pop up all day long during this promotion. Like the chance to bring in more of those bingo bonus points and extra money even.

Many fabulous offers and promotions are offered at Dream Bingo all the time. Just head on over and check out the promotions tab to learn more about everything they are currently offering to their members.

This news post was written by Tracey Trevors on July 19, 2010