giggle-bingoLooking at more chances to bring in the New Year, well let’s look at two more chances that you have. Virgin Bingo is going to bring up an all Secret room and open it only for one hour during the New Year celebration. During that hour you will be able to enjoy 1,000 GBP in totally free bingo! That will be 100 GBP per game and to be a part of it; you will need to buy 20 pounds worth of tickets from December 28th until almost midnight on the 31st. If you do you will get that invite and you will be able to play for free that night.

Giggle Bingo is another place that you will want to bring in the New Year, or finish out this year. No matter how you look at it you will be at a place where you will be set up for some great fun. Or you have the chance to play for some serious Bbzs; you know you use them for money after you have enough. However, there are many other fantastic offers that you can play online and win at Giggle Bingo. So be sure to head over to these two sites and enjoy the end of the year promotions that are going on. Or enjoy the New Year and the bingo promotions that are soon to happen!

This news post was written by Christy Tanner on December 31, 2009