Wink BingoThere are two ways to hit the New Year off just right. One is to win a ton of money; the other would be to win a new car. And at Wink Bingo you may be able to win that new car and really start off the New Year in great style. But it isn’t the only thing that is being offered at Wink Bingo during this festive season. But it is something that you should be ready to play for when New Years comes up for a brand new Mini Cooper that you will be able to sport about town in!

What about the other fabulous chances that are going on at Wink Bingo, like that Come Spin with me chance. There are plenty of great gifts that are being given out until November 21st on this offer. You may be able to win something like a Christmas hamper that is stocked full of goodies, make up, GHD, a Harry Potter box set and even a new Red Wii to play on!

There are just so many fabulous chances going on at Wink Bingo that the best idea is to head on over and look at the promotions page. It’s stocked full of ways that you can win big and win prizes or money or both! Don’t forget too that you have a chance to earn those Joy points at Wink Bingo. The next game is coming up on New Years as well and you may be able to not only win a new car at Wink Bingo, but win 25,000 pounds by playing the Joy Pot game at Posh Bingo!

Tons of free games at Sing Bingo

Sing Bingo has made a name for itself in a very short amount of time. A good name and well they are adding in more of a reason why many people will surely love to play at this site. It’s the claim they are making now that they are “The star spot for free bingo”, and well we all love free bingo. In fact they are one of the best spots that you can find to play funded and free games right now. You have free games that are going on all the time, all day long and each day of the week at Sing Bingo. Anytime of the day you will be able to sign on and be able to find a free game or two at Sing Bingo. Plus the chances to win real money when playing are all over the spot too. Win up to 50 pounds when playing your free bingo at Sing.

This is a great reason for those people who haven’t made it over to Sing as of yet to sign up. Not only that but their welcome bonus is one of the best around that you will find too. So again they are giving you money for free with an amazing 350 percent bonus on your first deposit. Plus all the free bingo that you can play all day long, wow what a fabulous site for bingo online and now we can really see why they may be making that claim.

But really it gets better when you a member of Sing Bingo, you have the chance to make even more money on the reloads that you place on your account. They will give you a bonus of 50 percent on those deposits as well.

William Hill shows off new site

Sure it may not be a brand new site, just a redone and remodeled Ruby Bingo, but it’s new and it a spot that you should check out. After all William Hill has switched over Ruby Bingo to another network and added quite a few things that you will love about Ruby Bingo.

Between these two sites you will find plenty to do and a lot of ways that you can win money. Ruby Bingo is where you can find seven different rooms to play all the 75 ball bingo games you love; even many that will be offered as a buy one get one free chance too.

With the new software powering Ruby Bingo they have a bunch of new chat features that are better from the past as well. Adding to the fun of playing bingo and letting you chat and find great friends while you play all your bingo here. You can share photos and other things as well with the new chat features, it is all a better way to get involved with the bingo community and to really reach out and touch other players.

Also the new look and new software means that they have added in a fabulous new bonus to the new players who come to the site. Right now you will be getting 16 pounds free when you join the new site and that is all free money that you will get with no deposit placed on that new account.

Find all the low games that you can to play or even many free games at Ruby Bingo too. Don’t forget they also have that fabulous Bingo Linx game that will happen at the end of the month for a pot of 10,000 pounds that you may be able to win!

Sun Bingo the Moonlight promotion has started

A spot where you will generally find a lot of promotions that are just fabulous is Sun Bingo. And well just yesterday another great promotion started at this site. It’s the chance to win 500 pounds while playing that Moonlight Bingo promotion that they have only at Sun Bingo.

The promotion is one that will run from the 15th of November and go until the 21st of November and you have a chance to win 500 pounds in guaranteed money. That’s right 500 pounds that will go quite far for presents during this season, or bills depending on how you decide to spend it if you win.

It’s to be found during the Moonlight Bingo that is offered at Sun Bingo, and that means you will need to play from the hours of 11 at night until 1 in the morning. For those people who are up late this is a great chance to win some serious money. Head over to the Fashion Club each night and you may win 25 pounds on a win. While other rooms have the same offer or more money that you will be able to win.

To see the schedule just head on over to Sun Bingo and check out the promotions page, grab your share of the money that will be handed out each night during these games. Also be sure to check out all the other fabulous chances you have to win at Sun Bingo.

You will need to be a member of this spot to play in this offer as well as other one’s they have going. But to sign up will take very little of your time, so do that today and play late at night to see if you can grab some of that daily money.

Cruise to the Scandinavian’s on Mirror

So many fabulous promotions are coming up right now for online bingo sites. Not really better than normal, but in a way yes they are. Because you have many chances to get away for the holidays and that is no different at Mirror Bingo. Right now they are having a promotion that will send you on a Scandinavian Cruise. You should really look into this as a great gift because well imagine presenting your loved one with the chance to spend a wonderful and very romantic trip with them on the cruise.

All you need to do to have a shot at this cruise is to play bingo and place money on your account at Mirror Bingo. Say you’re not a member as of yet, well you have until November 30th to get on this shot so get over and sign up now. Place a deposit and spend at least 20 pounds playing games at Mirror Bingo and you will be in that drawing. Each time you spend 20 pounds you will be getting another entry as well. Spend more and you have more chances to sail off on this cruise with that special someone in your life.

The cruise will take you on a 22 hour trip that will be very romantic as you sail off to the city of Stockholm on the Viking Line Cinderella. A great gift again for someone or for both of you if you win this trip. And all you have to do is again deposit money and spend it playing bingo at Mirror Bingo. Heck you could even use this as a shopping trip for other people in your family for Christmas.

Love free bingo you have a lot of it being offered at Mirror Bingo too in fact from November 15th until the 21st there are a lot of games that are free. But only if you are a funded member of Mirror, so put some money on your account and you may be able to win from 5 pounds to 50 pounds all without spending money on tickets to play!

This news post was written by Tracey Trevors on November 17, 2010