Foxy Bingo PromotionsWant to win Driving Lessons? Head to Foxy Bingo

Foxy Bingo is bringing you a great chance to win driving lessons; in the newest promotion that is called Foxy’ll fix it. The lucky person to win this promotion will be getting 30 hours of driving lessons from BSM. If you are interested in this offer you will need to apply for your driver’s license so that Foxy Bingo knows that you want to be up for this shot. All you have to do is email to Foxy Bingo and it’s secure so your email will not get out to a bunch of spammers either. You will need to have JavaScript enabled in order to view the license. But it will be open until December 12th, so get your application in now.

If you have a hard time learning to drive why suffer anymore? Really simply sign up at Foxy Bingo and have a shot at this wonderful prize. One lucky person is going to be able to learn how to really drive with 30 hours of lessons from BSM. Let the Foxy Team know why you are interested in learning the driving lessons, and well it should be interesting to see a few of those motivations really.

There are plenty of other fabulous offers you can find at Foxy Bingo as well, so head on over and look at that promotions tab to see them all. Be ready each day they have something great going on at Foxy Bingo. But if you are just a bad driver, or just want to learn from a professional don’t miss out on signing up for your shot at the driving lessons they are now offering!

888 Ladies offering Loyalty points more now

Not long ago the only way to really earn loyalty points at 888 Ladies was to play bingo, or other games on the site. But they have changed that all and now you can get those fabulous loyalty points by playing the chat games too. This is a great development that will allow you to add up the loyalty points a lot quicker. Now you get them when you play bingo in the 75 and 90 ball rooms and play chat while in those games too. There are a ton of chat games that you can pick to play too, so mix it up a bit and play them all to earn those loyalty points.

No matter which of the chat games you play you can earn points and those points might as well just say cash, because with enough of them you’ll be able to use them like cash. Not only is that great news, but you have plenty of free bingo games that are being offered at 888 Ladies bingo where you can real money too. Including many jackpots that are guaranteed too, and well you can’t beat that when you are playing bingo.

They are doing a lot of little changes that most people may not recognize quickly at 888 Ladies Bingo, and they are all adding up to a great change in general for all players of this site. Don’t forget to enjoy that Girls Night in promotion as well and all the other things you can find at 888 Ladies to play.

One of the other changes at 888 Ladies Bingo is that you now get a fiver when you create an account; no deposit is needed for that money. It’s a great way as a player who may be new to the site to test out all that they offer. When you do make that first deposit you will get a match of 200 percent and on reload deposits you’re going to get a match of 50 percent too.

Check out Bobs Bingo

A site where like many others you will find great games and plenty of them too is Bobs Bingo. Plus they are offering a bunch of freebies and we all love freebies when it comes to bingo and well anything in life!! The freebies that you can find include things like cash back, gift vouchers, deposit bonuses, free bingo bonuses, massive bingo, many promotional offers on slots, and guaranteed jackpots on slots as well. That is a lot to take in and it will all be offered right at Bobs Bingo, all this month too, so be sure to check it out. You don’t want to miss out on all of this action!

You can play in plenty of bingo games and they even have it open to people who have yet to make a deposit on their account. There will be 7 people picked who will win a fabulous prize too and that will happen at the end of each shift too. A new member has a fabulous 15 pound free trial offer they can enjoy too. That is without making a deposit you will get 15 pounds to test out the site. Play some games and decide whether you are ready to put some money on that account and play more often.

Plus when you do place that first deposit you have that fabulous bonus waiting for you. But at Bobs Bingo it isn’t just on the first deposit that you’ll get a match, but on the first three and they are great bonuses too. The first deposit will earn you 200 percent that second deposit will earn you 250 percent, and finally the third one will earn you 300 percent back. A lot of money for free is what it equals out too, and really the offers for money back on deposits doesn’t end there either. Because at Bobs Bingo you also get a 50 percent bingo bonus on all other reloads!

This news post was written by Tracey Trevors on November 8, 2010