Red Bus BingoIf you love the tournament offers you find at many sites, you should check out the new tournament that is being offered at Red Bus Bingo. Plus there are just so many other fabulous offers that need to be seen to be believed at Red Bus. Check out the new Clock UP Red Bus miles 1G tourney right now. Long name for a promotion but still one that will offer you a ton of fun and a lot of money that you may be able to win!

So from today until November 28th enjoy this instant game and you may be pocketing some cash! Each day the leader board will be updated to show who will in the end be one of the top three people. Those top people are going to be splitting 300 pounds. So you can see this is a tournament that you should really take a few minutes to play and possibly win a bunch of cash!

What about some Thursday night fun at Red Bus Bingo. That is when you may be able to win 200 pounds when you play in that West end room, tickets for this 8:30 pm game are only going to run you 50 p each. Or what about all the coverall chances you can find at that Coach and Horses room? They start at 7 at night and go all the way until Midnight. Here you may be able to win anywhere from 30 pounds up to 500 pounds cash! If you have the win in the first 48 calls you will get the big money in this chance.

So many chances and still more than what is listed here, one more is that Saturday night game where you pay 5 p for a ticket and you may be able to win 200 pounds! Red Bus bingo does have a lot of great offers see them all by going over and joining today.

Be at Bingo Scotland Thursday

Sure we love to say that each night of the week is great at all sites. Just at times there is something that is so big that you should plan on spending a certain day at a bingo site. This time it’s Bingo Scotland, who has many fabulous promotions all week long, but really Thursday is one of the best nights you’ll find at this spot to play bingo and win big.

Plan to start your weekend earlier this week by getting to Bingo Scotland for a huge promotion. This game will be a 90 ball game and the tickets are so cheap that you can buy many of them, and the prize well it’s really nice. Tickets are only 50 p each and the prize you may win is either an iPod Nano, or an 8 GB iPhone, and that is worth the chance to head over on this night to play. Be ready at 8 pm on Thursday to play and win because you can get the tickets ahead of time, do it now so you don’t miss out on this chance.

Friday just continues with the great games at Bingo Scotland, it’s not over in one quick night. No on Friday you have another 90 ball game and it will be played at 8 pm too. The prizes this night will be either a Nintendo DS or a Sony PSP, and again the tickets are cheap because you will only need to pay 50 p per ticket!

The rest of the weekend at Bingo Scotland is filled with more fun. Like that 8 pm game on Saturday where you can play along with the X-factor and possibly win a fabulous laptop, tickets will only cost you 1 pound each. Finally the weekend stops on Sunday at 8 pm when you can win a LCD TV in the game at Bingo Scotland. Tickets are back to only 50 p in this game.

Littlewoods Bingo big Prizes!

There is a lot at Littlewoods Bingo this week, a lot for the money you have even. Because you will be able to not only get more of a bonus, at 50 percent more than normal. But they have also added in a bunch of prizes, like 400 pounds worth to the pot of prizes to be handed out to the members of this site! What a fabulous thing and it will all begin on November 16th, that’s Tuesday so be ready to earn more and get more at Littlewoods Bingo.

The room to start the fun in is Bingo Live Party starting at 8 at night and lasting until 9 at night. Because that night someone will be able to win a holiday and that would be one heck of a bad thing to miss out on. The person who wins full house in that game is going to be able to pick where they want to spend a great holiday.

Friday will be Friday Bumper day and that means a lot of prizes and all will be given out on that day. Just place a deposit on that day any time from 7 in the morning until midnight and you will get a 50 percent match on that deposit. You will need to place an amount from 10 pounds up to 100 pounds to get the bingo bonus though, so make sure you plan right.

Don’t forget that you should look into playing in that Bingo Lounge on Friday either because the top 10 people in that room on Friday will be splitting 200 pounds. So make sure that room is the room you play in on Friday, because even if you walk away without a win you can still get money!

Get to Chit Chat Bingo today

If you’re worried about having money for Christmas head over to Chit Chat Bingo. They have so many ways that you will be able to save money and use it for Christmas instead, and still are able to play plenty of bingo that may let you win even more money! Tons of free bingo, cash draws and a fabulous loyalty scheme that will all equal a chance for more money in your pocket to buy presents.
Head over to Chit Chat Bingo on November 17th and play free bingo for 12 hours on that day. Starting at 9 in the morning and going all day until 9 at night. Each bingo game played you can get a free 6 tickets to play and win 6 pounds in each game too. A fabulous way to add to the Christmas fund!

Don’t think that is enough money to add to your account, check out all the other offers. Like heading over to Chit Chat’s Facebook page. Get there before November 21st and become a fan and you will be entered into a drawing where you may be able to win a bit of 100 pounds. Overall there will be 3 prizes of 25 pounds, 2 prizes of 10 pounds and 1 for five pounds that can be won. Join that page and you will get a good link to learn about fabulous new promotions and competitions that are going on at Chit Chat Bingo all the time.

Another way to get money is by playing and saving loyalty points. See each time you spend a pound on bingo you get 10 points, while 1 pound on Blackjack will earn you 1 point. Another pound on slots and you get 2 points earned. All those points can be saved until you have enough and you can then turn it into bonus money!

Each day 100 pounds at Paddy Power Bingo

That’s right each day they are giving out 100 pounds at Paddy Power. Wow what a fabulous offer and all because of a room called Happy Birthday Free room that you can play in. But you do have to be born in the month that you play in that room. That’s okay because one month it will be your month to play. But you have other ways that you can get invites to free bingo rooms for real money too.

How about planning now for Christmas? You can play and possible get 100 pounds from Paddy Power in a new promotion. You only need to spend at least 10 pounds on bingo in a day and send what you wish for Christmas to Paddy Power and you may walk away with this prize.

Place down 50 p and get in on those daily link bingo games that take place 3 times each day. You may be able to win 1,500 pounds on the noon game, 2,500 pounds at the 6 pm game and finally at 10:30 pm there will be 4,000 pounds up to win.

If you love the X-factor head to Paddy Power Bingo on Saturday nights, and you may be able to win more BBs for your account. Play that X-factor quiz as well and you may be able to share in some 500 BBs that will be handed out too.

Looking for a bit more fun, go to the Diamond room on Friday and Saturdays beginning at 9 pm and you can win a load of BBs with a lot of chat and fun. Monday nights you have guaranteed jackpots that you may be able to win, starting at 7 pm and going until 11 pm there will be jackpots that range from 400 pounds all the way up to 650 pounds.

This news post was written by Tracey Trevors on November 15, 2010