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Well we all know that Happy hour is something that can be a lot of fun. Whether you are looking to get some drinks or play bingo online will depend on where you head for your happy hour. One of the best spots to play bingo is Bingo Fabulous when it comes to a great happy hour too.

Because well instead of one hour you can enjoy two hours of fun at Bingo Fabulous for this chance each day of the week. From 4 pm until 6 pm you are going to have many offers to play. Including some double rewards that will see you grabbing extra loyalty points, which is always something that is nice to earn.

You just need to be ready to play some of those chat games and you will be earning those points hand over fist possibly! Loyalty points are something that are always wonderful to earn and when you can double them up you should jump on the offer.

Not only that but there are plenty of new games that you can play. Plus there are a lot of offers that will only come up during this happy hour time. Also remember that right now Bingo Fabulous is in the middle of that Team Bingo tournament in which there will be 1,000 GBP up to win. You can possibly still get in on that offer, so get over and see what you need to do to have a shot at some of that money!

You will need to be a member of Bingo Fabulous to play in happy hour and any of the other promotions. Signing up is simple and takes very little time; there isn’t much of a deposit that you will need to make either. Plus you will get a match on that first deposit too.

Get your 2,000 GBP towards a holiday from Sun Bingo

That’s right another chance to help with your holiday plans, this time the offer is coming from Sun Bingo. They are giving out four 2,000 holidays and well that’s a great way to be able to enjoy a holiday! One that is paid for by someone else is always something that is quite easy to enjoy. After all that way you only need to have a little bit of your own money for those little things you might need while on holiday.

Sun Bingo is by far one of the best places that you can find for your online bingo fun. They seem to have some of the best promotions that you can find online. And this one is no different, four different holidays will be given away and they are worth 2,000 GBP.

This isn’t the only fabulous promotion you will find at Sun Bingo either. There are plenty of other great things that you will find at Sun, like that chance at the 1,000 GBP jackpot that is guaranteed.

Be sure that you’re a member of Sun Bingo to be able to play in these and all the other great promotions that they have all the time. It will take just a few minutes to sign up and create that account. Also while you’re there be sure to check on that promotions tab to see what all is going on right now at Sun Bingo. You can find all the details that you need to know about any promotion that you may want to play in too.

So head over to Sun Bingo and see if you can win one of those holidays that they are giving away!

Get a Holiday from Posh Bingo

Going on holiday can be something that is quite costly, and often times you may have to skip it. But what about winning some vouchers that will help you along the way? Those vouchers you can win will be worth 2,500 and well that can help out a bunch when you are trying to get away on a trip with the family.

It’s a game that will be coming up around October 24th and you will need to be ready to play at 9:45 pm. It’s a long way off, but buying your tickets now will mean that you won’t miss out on this chance. Get those tickets now so you don’t wait too long and miss out on them. You can also earn those tickets free when you have 500 points too. So keep collecting those points if you want to get those tickets free.

You do need to be a member of Posh Bingo to play in this offer along with many of their other fabulous promotions. To sign up it will only take you a few moments and you can even earn free money when you place your first deposit on that account. That match will be a 200 percent match on what you place on your account.

To learn all about this and those other promotions at Posh Bingo just head over today. Click on the tab that says promotions so you can read up more on each of them. Be sure to be ready for this chance to earn money to use on your next holiday too. After all that voucher can be something that will help a lot with what you do and how much you pay to go on your holiday.

Enjoy Free Bingo at William Hill Bingo

This weekend with the bank holiday that is going on William Hill Bingo wants to add in something really nice. It’s a treat that will have you able to play free bingo five complete days. Yep free bingo will be offered during the five days of this bank holiday, so you have until August 30th to play a bunch of free games and still win some money along the way!

If you play online bingo you surely love those free games. Well for five days William Hill Bingo will be giving you plenty of free bingo games to play. The fun will start on Thursday and will continue all the weekend. Starting at 9 am each day and going until Midnight you will be able to find those free games each hour during those times. Those games that are offered in the Community Bingo room will take place from 9 am to 5 pm each day and the money that will be up for grabs will be 50 GBP. While from 6 pm until midnight you will need to be in that Bargain Basement room and you will be able to play for 75 GBP in cash.

The money you win will be placed into your account, the only thing is that they will be paid in those bingo bonus amounts and will not be able to be taken off your account. You will need to be a member of William Hill Bingo to play for this promotion. But signing up is something that will not take much of your time. Not only that but you will get a match on your first deposit.

Play and win plenty of money with these five days of free bingo only at William Hill Bingo.

This news post was written by Christy Tanner on August 27, 2010