wink-bingoIn some surprising news the operators of 888 (The brand name hosting 888Ladies Bingo, 888 Casino and 888 Pacific Poker) have now bought Wink Bingo. The deal is said to be close to 95 million dollars. That’s a lot of money and one that 888 hope will make them one of the top on the market in the UK. Not that they haven’t been tops in the past, but with this purchase of a clear competitor they may well have accomplished what they were hoping.

Said to cost them 11 million GBP to start with and the rest will be paid via profits that will be earned from now until March 2011. Wink though only launched a bit over two years ago had made a huge mark for online bingo sites. They had already had well over 60,000 players. 888 is hoping that this will help them increase in growth of at least 25 percent.

That’s a very possible goal for them with all the people they have now gotten by this deal. Still 888 is a great place to play so those who are on Wink Bingo will still see some fabulous promotions coming their way.

Perhaps it will even help out that French market that 888 was hoping to get into in a big way. Though it hasn’t seen much prospect or anything very positive as of yet. Possibly this move will now have us looking at 888 as one of the biggest out there for online bingo.

Get over and check them out, with many great daily and monthly promotions. Don’t worry Wink Bingo members you will still have a blast when it comes to playing online!

By the way Merry Christmas and Good Luck

This news post was written by Christy Tanner on December 24, 2009