With so many fabulous online bingo promotions going on at Posh Bingo there have been plenty of new winners to talk about. It was the time of Posh Birthday promos and it saw many people taking home not only money, but some great prizes too. In the Posh Attitude promo there were four players that would get 200 GBP split up amongst them. The person who would get the most wins with the Dancing Queen or Medal pattern or the most money that would be wagered on Cleopatra and Bejewelled would see some winners. Those people who split the money where shejotin, cheeeeeky, and smiley 50!

While the pair of champagne flutes would go to Soulstorm and Suziety in the Toast of the Town promotion. Those players would be the ones who hit most in the Pina Colada patterned games and who spent the most on those progressive slot games.

The winner of the body products from Lush would be Shpion001, she was the person who spent the most in both bingo and slot game wagers during this promotion.

Yet another bingo promotion that goes on each weekend is the Va Va Voom and that was combined with the birthday promotion with some great wins. Three people got a wonderful set of Intimately; they were julz82, Claire400, and fierydragon. Way to go to those people who spent the most playing instant games to win!

While the weekly promotion Money Bank would give many players some great wins. These are the people who came in the top five for spending playing the most instant and bingo games. Two separate groups by the way and they would get to share 275 GBP. The winners were deana38, nappy, XXPARISXX, marier63, rocoscute, JacquiW1965, honey13, minouch, and burnsies. Congrats to all these winners and the ones we didn’t list too!

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