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OZ Lottery - Australian Lottery

About Oz Lotteries

Favourite sites for lottery players are often the site which has been specifically accredited for certain lottery games. Oz Lotteries is the best place to play Australian Lottery games online. Why? You only have to look at their winning record to see! Oz Lottreries is the exclusive distributor of Lottery products online on behalf of TMS New South Wales and TMS Global Services Pty Ltd. These are leading lottery exporters and have been in this industry for over twenty years. To date they have serviced over half a million customers in more than forty countries. They operate under strict government supervision and are accredited for both NSW Lotteries and Tattersalls.

OZ Lottery – Australian Lottery Financial

Financial transactions at this site are completely safe and secure and are protected by 128-bit SSL encryption. This is the same encryption which protects your internet banking through all major banks. The site is owned by Manaccom Corporation Limited a subsidiary of a publicly listed company, which is duly audited and tested for fairness.

OZ Lottery – Australian Lottery Games

Lotteries are big news in Australia and as such a large variety of games are on offer. At this site you will find the Australian Powerball which at the time of writing is valued at AU$30 000 000, 6 from 38 Pools, the Saturday, Monday and Wednesday Lotto, $2 and $5 Jackpot Lotteries as well as various other games. Register at this site now and claim your 2 free Powerball games.

OZ Lottery – Australian Lottery Registration

Registration at Oz Lottries is simple and if you are new to online lotteries, learn all about it in just a few easy steps. The registration form is easye to complete for players from all over the world – you do not have to be an Australian resident to purchase lottery tickets at this site. View and print your tickets from the “My account’ section.

OZ Lottery – Australian Lottery Features

Features include all details about all the games available at the site, all of the most recent results, how to select your own numbers or use the quick-pick feature, dividends, previous results and email notification will be received within 12 to 48 hours of the draw taking place (for winners). Prizes under $1000 for various divisions are credited to your account within 12 hours of receiving official results and of $20 000 or more will be payable directly from the Lottery provider. All queries may be made through Oz Lotteries. A comprehensive FAQ section should be able to deal with most of your queries.

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