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Conga LottoAbout Conga Lotto

Find lottery tickets and top lottery raffles on sale, online at Conga Lotto, from lottery companies situated globally. This site provides the most convenient way to play popular large and exciting lotteries from all over the world. It is only in recent times that his type of facility has become available; in the past, if you wanted a ticket you had to visit the country in question to purchase it. An exciting prospect if you have already won the lottery, but a little expensive for the normal working Joe.

Conga Lotto has customers in 140 countries world-wide and offers a messenger service for the purchase of lottery tickets, as well as various added value services. Purchasing tickets from Congo Lotto is the same as making any other kind of online purchase for any other kind of product. Customer service is available 24/7 by email.

Conga Lotto Financial

Payment methods accepted are Visa, MasterCard and American Express, and 128-SSL encryption is used to ensure the security of all financial transactions.

Conga Lotto Registration

Registration is simple and straightforward, once you have signed-in, make a deposit and dedicated agents are assigned to make lottery ticket purchases on your behalf at a licensed retail locations.

Conga Lotto Games

The new “Raffles” section of Conga Lotto brings the famous Spanish El Gordo de Navidad (Christmas) drawing, the Michigan Lottery and the Florida Lotto to your PC screens. The El Gordo de Navidad offers over 13,000 chances to win, The Michigan Lottery is the home of the classic Mega Millions and in the Sunshine State, Florida, Lotto luck shines like the sun. Play Mega Money, the Multi-state Powerball, find the Brazilian Mega Sena, Oz Powerball, Canada Lotto UK National Lottery, Euromillions, French Loto and many more games.

Conga Lotto Features

Some of the stunning features of Conga Lotto include where to find the cleverest, the biggest and greatest lottery games ever, as well as the ability to purchase tickets which are stored in safe keeping. Purchasers are issued with receipts and records of the ticket numbers as well as a history of all financial transactions to track orders and winnings. Notification of winning is sent by email and Conga Lotto acts as an agent to help with the collection of winnings. Wins of $600 or less are paid out by the site and redeemed on your behalf. Subscriptions services of 26 weeks in advance are available as are many other convenient and exciting features.

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