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A comprehensive list of the top online casino operators that have managed to secure a strong reputation for offering quality, fair and reliable casino games enabling our players to join the online casino experience with secure sites that will offer them a very similar experience with that they have been met with in Atlantic City or Las Vegas. Each casino site includes a note explaining its casino bonus and a flag that notes if its friendly to US casino players. Sites listed with a faded flag do not offer casino games for players that have permanent residence in the United States.

Internet casino games are designed to afford the player the potential of large short term payouts, while offering the casino operator a long term financial advantage which is predictable. This financial advantage is known as the house edge. Many casino games are games of skill while others are completely random. Some of the random games such as roulette for example are number games with a tactical or skill element, and this comes into play with placing wagers. Whereas playing slots involves no skill at all and is just man against machine, with luck thrown in for good measure. Whether it is possible or not for player skill to minimize the house edge is debatable and dependent upon their skill level. In a casino games the house edge is also called the “vigorish” and this is derived from the French. Many casino games where invented in France and roulette too, was invented by a French man. He was reputed to have sold his soul to the Devil for the secret of roulette, however this is simply colorful and entertaining myth and the inventor, Blaise Pascal was in fact a gifted scientist , mathematician and philosopher from the 17th century. He was certainly blessed with sufficient intelligence to have not required any outside help with his invention.

Card counting or wheel clocking as with roulette, would take years of practice to reach such levels of skill as to diminish the house edge, and in the case of casino games, true odds are not the odds paid out. The house edge has to be accounted for and if true odds were used, the casino would not make a profit. For example in a game of dice where one die is used. The odds of winning would be six to one, as the dice has six sides. But in reality the odds paid are five to one because of the vigorish. Online casinos have a reputation for having a house edge which is more favorable to the player and this is because they do not have the same high overheads as a bricks and mortar casino. The house edge, or casino profit is expressed by means of a percentage on the original wager of the gambler. In games such as Spanish 21 and Blackjack for example, the final bet is more than the original if it is doubled or split. In Roulette (the American version) there is an extra house edge, because there is two zero spaces on the wheel, a “0” and a “00” so the house edge is higher at 5.26%. This means that for every $1 a gambler spends on this game, the casino factors its profits at .53c for every ten rounds of play at $1 per round. There is a lengthy equation which illustrates how the player expected value and house edge is calculated, but we don’ want to confuse you even more right now.
Each casino game played has its own house edge, and each house edge is calculated based on expected value and other factors. For example keno, this game is difficult to predict, and therefore can have very high payouts. To compensate for that the house edge is high and can be as much as 25%, similarly, slots house edges can be up to 15%. Games such as Austrian Pontoon are predictable and have a low house edge of between 0.3 and 0.4%.

The house edge is not a simple thing to calculate if you think of all the casino games which can be played and the odds available for each of these. Some games have many different ways to wager, all of them with different payout odds. This needs to be done by computer simulation or combinatorial analysis. In games where elements of skill are called into play the house edge is calculated based on optimum play where all possible hands are played according to the basic strategy. Basic strategy is dependent upon specific rules and this includes the number of cards used. Some blackjack shoes have up to five packs of 52 cards in a shoe. The casino does not factors issues such as card counting into the combinatorial analysis to determine the house edge in these games, and a good Spanish 21 or Blackjack game will have a house edge which is below 0.5%. Standard deviations are used to factor luck into casino games and using roulette as an example for calculating house edge, sees binomial distribution used. Standard Deviation is represented by SD, number of rounds played by n, q represents the probability of losing and p, the probability of winning. This formula assumes that 1 represents a win and 0 represents a loss. -1 is not used to represent the loss because the possible outcomes would be double. Standard deviation is always much greater in amount than expected loss, and this is always calculated based on 10 rounds of betting at $1 per round. These calculations are highly sophisticated, but they do demonstrate to the casino operator and gambler, how luck is able to be quantified.

If the mathematician in you is interested; once 10 rounds of roulette at $1 per round, are calculated, the results for standard deviation will dictate that there is a 0,1% chance that you will make a profit of $8.95 or lose $10.01. The lowest standard deviation of any casino game played is in Pai Gow Poker and the highest is for slots games. In particular slots games which are linked to progressive jackpot prizes where potential payouts are high. In these casino games the standard deviation increases with the size of the payout. The more rounds of a game that are played, the more expected loss exceeds standard deviation. This increases exponentially and is what makes it impossible for a gambler to play and win in the long term. It is the standard deviation in the short term which tricks gamblers into believing that they can win in the long term and this is actually a fallacy. The casino has to factor in all of this information, relevant to the casino games they have on offer. These gaming mathematics are what tells them what their variance and house edge should be. They need this information to ensure that cash reserves are up to par and so they can forecast potential profits.

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