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The LotterOnline shopping, online casinos, online bingo, online poker and online lottery ticket sales are all designed to help busy individuals enjoy the same things as people with nothing better to do with their time. Everyone wants a shot at that massive Powerball prize that just rolled over and it shows too, there were queues at the garage shop, at the corner shop and the lottery sales booth in the supermarket. This week you just don’t have time to stand in a queue! This is the magic of online lottery ticket sales; they provide a brilliant, instant solution for you to buy your tickets weekly, monthly, annually or only on special occasions such as when there is so much money at stake that you simply must play!

In terms of online lottery ticket sales it is vitally important that these sites are verified as being authorized to supply the sale of lottery tickets, for each of the lotteries they provide. It doesn’t take a lot to get authorization, just look at your corner shop for example; they are authorized to sell these tickets, instant wins or whatever. If you have a small win, they take it out of their float, pay you and claim the winnings back from the lottery company. The same applies when you play online!

The problems come about when people get scammed by unscrupulous individuals who say you have a winning ticket in the UK lottery and want your banking details in order to pay you. If YOU didn’t’ buy a ticket in the UK lottery, you DIDN’T win it and only a moron would get caught up in a scam like this.

Sites who sell you an online lottery ticket in the Euromillions or any other game have to provide you with a receipt and they will also be able to provide you with verification that they are authorized to sell tickets. Online lottery sites will allow you to choose your own numbers, so you can select your childrens, grand childrens or own birthdays, or whatever numbers are significant to you. They are also able to generate numbers randomly and allow you to choose from any variety of different games.

Payment processing is safe and secure and they allow many different methods. These days you don’t even need a credit card, simply use a pre-purchase method such as Ukash or an online alternative payment wallet such as PayPal or others.

Going back in recorded time to the 15th and 16th century, history has seen various countries launching lottery type games to help with rebuilding war torn countries, or funding special projects. The European lottery, one of the most famous, started in Holland in 1466, the French Lottery started in 1530 and the Italian Lotto, started in 1539, even an Elizabethan lotto started in 1569 to raise funds for harbour building. Lots were used in ancient Judaic and Roman times to select kings or divide land and goods which shows indications of some Democracy. But the starting point of all lotteries is considered to be the Italian version, “La lotto de Firenze” where cash prizes were given away.

You may buy online lotto tickets today for many different lotteries, even the European or Italian lotto, although certainly more modern versions of these games. UK, Irish and US lottery tickets are also available online. The beauty of offering this game is that a small donation is paid for the right to a chance to win life changing amounts of money and in the process charitable or developmental funds are raised for various worthy causes. It is cheap to play and although odd run in the millions to won, there is still a regular winning ticket or two and someone becomes and instant millionaire, in whatever currency.

Online lotto tickets for various types of lotteries may also be purchased and because it is such a simple game, it has been adapted into more innovative formats, such Thunderball, Powerball and EuroMillions. The basis of the game however remains the same; the ticket buyer picks the numbers, or buys them randomly generated and the game plays at a date somewhere in the future. Generally after a cut off point for funding! The numbers are generated by something resembling a bingo ball machine as this is most attractive, but a wheel and other means have been used – this number calling is overseen by well recognised auditors for fairness and other verification purposes. The winning numbers are checked against the ticket and if you have them all, you are one of the lucky one two or few winners.


More people than ever before are being turned on to making their lottery purchases online. This adds a whole new dimension to playing this game, and provides a solution for buying lottery tickets for the UK if you live in the US, for the Italian Lotto if you live in Germany and so on. It also presents a valuable opportunity for not standing in lines, wasting time, particularly if this is a last minute purchase as lottory tickets often are.

Now if you think to yourself, “I want a ticket in the Irish Lottory this weekend” and you don’t feel like going out to buy one, simply get online at your favourite site and make the purchase!
There is a history of poor people winning lottories and in effect these games have been designed specifically for this purpose; so that people have access to a relatively low cost wager which everyone can afford them an opportunity to win life changing amounts of money.

But why is it that meat-packers, hotel maids and labourers win? It is not a mysterious karmic epiphany which causes this, it is because playing the lottery is a numbers game, and in the majority it is the poor who contribute to the prize pot the most. In fact 82% of lottery players come out in their millions daily to buy these tickets. The more affluent crowd comes out to play when massive rollovers take place, but they are in the lowest percentile of players at only 18%, so no matter how many tickets they can afford it is still people in the lower income groups who win the most. Alain Maboussou was one of the winners of the record $365 million Powerball lottory jackpot – the largest in US history, and one of the eight man syndicate who decided to take the cash and run instead accepting of twice as much in an annuity. He fled the war-torn DRC and found refuge in a meat packing plant in Nebraska. He has since quit his job and taken himself off to school.

It is heart warming stories like this which soften our hearts and unleashes our dreams and fantasies. These stories also loosen our purse strings and make sure a good deal more needy players part with that hard earned Dollar, Pound or Euro to play the lottery more regularly. Playing online makes this game so much more convenient and even lower income groups have regular access to the internet. If you are also in this group, just thingk, you are in the majority and your chances of winning are better, so what are you waiting for, you have to have a ticket in it to win it!

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