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There is absolutely no difference between calling a bingo hall a bingo hall or club, and calling it a bingo casino, this is pure semantics. Bingo can be played in a casino and it can be called a bingo casino this is the use of idiomatic language to describe what many US players call a bingo venue, either off or online. If you think about this logically many UK online bingo sites offer their member casino games. Games such as blackjack, roulette, video poker, classic and other slots games as well as scratch cards, pull tabs and keno. All of these games can be found in online casinos also. Most of them apart from video poker and blackjack are also random number games and if a person refers to an online bingo casino you can rest assured in the knowledge they will be referring to an online bingo website. An online bingo casino will offer all of these games, plus a wide variety of bingo. In the UK, bingo has evolved into many different reincarnations and although this game has been adaptable throughout history, I doubt that as many variations of the game have ever been as widely available as they are today.

We see online bingo being played in its traditional UK format with 90 balls and three lines to win full house. We see the more Americanised version play which is the 75 ball pattern version, and we also see pattern bingo played in the 80 ball version of bingo. Adaptability has engendered the Spanish and Scandinavian format of bingo to be played online and as these are both 90 ball formats they are quite familiar. But what about speed bingo which has only 30 balls and 4 daubs, and 50 ball bingo which I have only seen at one site – these are also version of bingo found online.

Where the crossover to bingo casino games comes in; one of the initial instigators of these games was Joker Jackpot Bingo. This game was introduced quite some time ago in the late 1990’s or early 2000’s and makes use of a 52 card pack to call the numbers on the bingo card; rather than balls. Additional prizes can be won in this game if the player is also able to make a poker hand. Bingo casino crossovers even go further than Joker Jackpot Bingo and we find games such as Bingo Roulette which is only available at Tombola Bingo in the UK and is completely unique to this site. But what about other games in which online bingo has shown its adaptability to casino games.

Deal or No Deal, Price is Right and Wheel of Fortune have been played as slots and other games in casinos for some time, they are based on TV game shows. Now these games can be played online as bingo or casino games and they are featured in slots and scratch cards also. Essentially the bingo casino crossover is a series of hybrid games which thanks to online bingo sites and casinos we are now able to play in the comfort of our own homes and play for fun or to win real money prizes – they are great fun.

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