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Cash Bingo

The words “cash” and “bingo” have always been relatively synonymous; for as long as this game has been played. With the advent of online bingo, these words have become even more synonymous! Today no player thinks of the word “bingo” without thinking of winning “cash”; and no matter what bingo players tell you about playing this game to socialize more than they do to win, winning is very nice, particularly if it is cash.

Cash bingo today has many different connotations and variations, but what it really boils down to is that playing bingo, online or off allows players access to very large amounts of cash if they win. We see free bingo games with real cash prizes and some prizes may be as low as £5, while some prize pools are as large as £500. 888 Ladies Bingo has a guaranteed £500 free bingo prize game available on a Saturday and Sunday and this prize is £300 during the week. The all new Red Bus Bingo has £1 000 a day, going in free bingo prizes in denominations of £200, £300 and £500 – cash guaranteed.

Penny cash bingo is also a big deal and a host of sites offer games for a penny a ticket with tens, if not hundreds and even thousands of pounds up for grabs. Take Foxy Bingo, they offer a Friday night guaranteed prize of £10 000 for a pound a ticket. Every now and then they get a bee in their bonnet and they offer this same guaranteed prize for 1p a ticket! For a few months Sky Bingo had a £20 000 guaranteed prize at the end of every month for 2p per ticket!

These examples are cash bingo at its absolute best, but what other connotations do these two small words, when placed together have? Take a look at some of the coverall cash bingo prizes; you make pay a pound a ticket or more, but some of these games have massive amounts of money up for grabs. It takes luck to win a coverall, but with a guaranteed minimum cash prize there is always a winner and always a prize.

Posh Bingo, Champagne Bingo, 888 Bingo, Moon Bingo and more sites offer £1 million coverall games and some of these sites offer this game as many as three times a week. 888 Ladies Bingo had a special offer of a £5 million coverall with a £50 000 minimum prize in the Golden Balls game. The minimum prize was won by one lucky player and we do believe that it is examples such as this which epitomizes the synonymy of the words “cash bingo”.

Bingo Free Cash

There is so much bingo free cash floating around on the internet that it is hard to know where to start with a subject such as this. There are bingo free cash offers at most online bingo sites and this has become such a popular offer, that even land based bingo clubs are using these types of deals as marketing ploys to attract more players.

Take the no-deposit bonus for example, you will find these at many and varied sites and networks. It is rare that they can be cashed out, but they act just the same as cash when it comes to buying bingo tickets and in most instances the winnings from these bingo free cash offers may be withdrawn. Some sites offer £1, while others offer £15. Ruby bingo offers £16, Gone Bingo £15, and Littlewoods Bingo £1.

New members are also invited to take advantage of first deposit bonuses and this is pertinent to all online bingo sites. These bonuses are expected of them and this is also bingo free cash! Simply make a deposit of £5, £10 or £100 if you like and receive a first deposit bonus of 100%, 150%, 200% or more. Each site has their own way of dealing with free cash bingo, but no matter where you play, you will receive these gifts.

Then there is bingo free cash in its purist form; how a player might expect to find it! You join a site and for your loyalty the site offers you bingo free cash games where you play for free and win for real. In the most part these games are kept relative and prize pools may be as low as £1, but if they play 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and you take every advantage of these games, the cash in your bingo balance soon grows.

Other sites offer far higher prizes, anything from £5 to £500, but you will have to pay the price of being able to play in these bingo free cash games; that price is your loyalty. A site such as William Hill allows members who are losers to play free cash bingo games on a Sunday and their value is £500! Sites such as Cheeky Bingo and even better, Costa Bingo offer free cash games all the time with varying prizes and varying qualifying factors. In fact Costa Bingo has more of these games available than any other site. No matter how you look at it, bingo free cash is here to stay, at some sites it’s better than others but the one thing it truly is, is REAL!

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