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UK National Lottery

UK National LotteryAbout the UK National Lottery Site

As this is the official UK National Lottery site, players are assured of a safe and secure online lottery purchasing system. You need no other verification – this site is the licensed operator for Camelot who manages the lottery infrastructure, but is not responsible for distributing the money raised for socially responsible causes. This is decided by British Parliament in their role as “benefactor in situ”. Camelot designs new games, develops innovations, offers the marketing support for products, provides services to players and retailers and operates the network of these retailers, of which there are 28 500 in the UK. The social responsibility factor is fundamental to these operations and remains at the heart of their approach.

The UK National Lottery Site

At the National lottery site you will find a range of dedicated services and although this sounds all very above board and sincere, I was surprised to find that this site is also a good deal of fun.

UK National Lottery Games

There are over 30 instant games to be played at the UK National Lottery site, with plenty of prizes valued at over £100 000. Play Football Fortunes, Scrabble, Yellow, Deal or No Deal, Snakes and Ladders, Money Machine, all you have to do is open an account and click “play here” to play any of these games and many more. Lotto, Euromillions, Thunderball, Dream Number, Daily Play and Hot Picks are also found at the site. At the time of writing the Euromillions stands at an unbelievable £51 million and Euromillions presently costs £2 per line of numbers.

UK National Lottery Registration

You can play online or by TXT, but you do have to be a resident of the UK or Isle of Man. The site picks up the fact that you are not resident in the UK during the registration process. As long as it is lawful for you to play the UK Lottery in the country where you reside, simply click “proceed” and continue with the registration process. This registration system is exceedingly simple.

UK National Lottery Features

Features of the UK National Lottery site allows member to check their present and past results, it keeps a record of all lottery tickets purchased. It also provides information to members with regards to unclaimed prizes, raffle results, how to start up a syndicate, Lotto and Euromillions alerts, rollover alerts, National Lottery TV, and some brilliant winners and needy causes stories. One thing which did surprise me is you have to be 16 or over to play and claim a prize, I thought this was actually 18! So you live and learn, and so do I!

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