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Bingo Base aptly named and it is a resource for online bingo, some call it a Bingo Portal. This service is for people who are looking at online bingo sites to play with and are faced with hundreds of choices. This in itself can be daunting and it is virtually impossible to go through all the sites to see what you might like; only to choose a dog in the end. Your friendly online bingo portal is here to help. They provide the player with reviews, news and up to date promotions of all the “GOOD” online bingo sites. Good being the operative word. They sort the wheat from the chaff, allow members of sites to post reviews, and it is from these sites the potential online bingo player obtains their best and most well informed data.

About Bingo Base

Bingo Base is without a doubt one of the premier resources for online bingo today. You could call it a library, listing or guide if you like; of the best and most up-to-date bingo sites to be found. They are operated by a company known as Digital Prophets, which is also quite apt, and Digital Prophets in fact launched a bingo site of their own at the end of 2010. This is Tea and Bingo on the Virtue Fusion software platform and network; it is, quite frankly, a brilliant site. Bingo Base provides a comprehensive list of independent reviews of all sites that are worthwhile playing with, and they cover every aspect. This includes news, articles, promotions, deposit bonuses, what free bingo is on offer, up-and-coming promotions, live rooms in play, and so on. However this site also offers another service. They provide free bingo to their members and also have great prizes up for grabs every week. A subscription to this site is free, just like the bingo, and they keep you updated by email with all the happenings in the World of Bingo today.

The Players Input

It is vitally important for all bingo players to share information regarding playing at online bingo sites. This is one of the more important functions of Bingo Base. The players reviews! Bingo Base makes for the ideal platform to share information, because it completes the picture for other online bingo players too.

Free Bingo

Free bingo has revolutionized the UK online bingo scene; at Bingo Base, not only do they provide free bingo games through sister site freebingo.net where you can play for free and win for real, but they provide information of all the other sites offering these games. The Bingo Base free bingo scheduler, allows members access to the best of free bingo on the net.
Start your free bingo adventure online with Bingo Base and receive free registration and 5000 Free Bingo Coins; access to bingo tournaments and games, as well as be entered into a draw to win great bingo prizes.

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