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The LotterAbout The Lotter.com

The Lotter was established in response to a Global demand for purchasing lottery tickets from other countries. They offer Global Marketing Services to all the official world lotteries through internet sales. Until more recent times lottery sales have been limited to localized vendors, and this made them one of the only products world-wide to be restricted to this type of limitation. Tremendous effort has been involved in establishing world-wide operations for lottery ticket sales and this site has proven their capabilities in this regard. The marketing system of The Lotter is built upon a foundation of advanced technological tools to effectively establish proven world-wide capabilities. Customer service is 24/7, with guaranteed turnaround time of 48 hours. A customer oriented service makes it obvious they have spent a good deal of time analyzing their target markets needs.

The Lotter Financial

All financial transaction at The Lotter are completely safe and secure through the Cypriot based Aikmina Services Limited, The Lotter, or Net Bet. 128-bit SSL encryption technology is used.

The Lotter Registration

Registration is simple and easy at The Lotter, however this site is a whole new ball game when it comes to playing lottery tickets. Styled on a on an online casino or bingo type site, once you become a member, you also become a member of the Lotter VIP Players Club, which has a number of surprises in store.

The Lotter Games

Use the brilliant lottery search function at this site to find the best Big, Smart and Free lottery games available and the home page lists the top biggest lotteries world-wide. These are USA mega Millions, the Italian SopaEnoLotto, the Euro Millions, USA Powerball, Australian Powerball, Californian Super Lotto and Spanish El Gordo.

The Lotter Features

Listing of all the lottery games available for purchase through The Lotter also includes features such as the names, draw dates, results and “Search the World” at a glance. These are some of the most advanced features to be found at a lottery site and an interactive world map takes the member wherever he or she wishes to go. Members of the Players Club also find that additional benefits are tagged onto daily, weekly or monthly supplies of lottery tickets purchased from around the world. It is this feature which sets the Lotter apart from the rest. They offer buy one get one free features, subscription services, multi-draw packages, tell a friend promotions and more. The Lotter memberships are about a lot more than merely purchasing world-wide lottery tickets.

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