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Our player support team are here to help and make your online bingo experience the best possible. We pride ourselves on our level of friendly, efficient and effective customer service. Our customer support is available to answer your questions. If you require any assistance please do not hesitate to contact one of our support team who will be happy to assist in any way possible. We will try and answer all queries as quick as possible but no later than 12 hrs.

To help answer your enquires in the quickest and most beneficial way please help us with the following information with your correspondence.

Preferred Site
Nickname or Alias

Contact us by by email or write to us by mail at the following address

Telesales Ltd.
P.O Box 53519

T: +30 210 6010482
E: marketing [at] rainbowbingo.com

Below you will find a list of the most frequently asked questions, read through before you send an email, as the answer to the question you are looking for might be listed here.

How do I join an online bingo site?
To join any of the bingo sites listed on rainbowbingo.com is very simple. All you need to do is fill out the simple registration form after following the promotional links to the site and you are ready to go and start playing. Please note you must confirm your email address first at most sites.

What is bingo?
Bingo is one of the most common and well loved games in the world. There are many forms of Bingo- the most common being 75 ball bingo and 90 ball bingo. Both games have different numbers, cards and prize structures but both are equally great. Rainbow Bingo lists the best versions of these popular games online! Rainbow Bingo offers several lounges or halls which have different card prices and prizes according to set times.

What is Fair and Square Bingo?
Fair and Square bingo games are games that ensure all players buying cards with the exact same number of cards and therefore the exact same chances of winning the prize.

Is there always a winner?
Yes. In a Bingo game there are always winners. In 90 ball bingo there are the standard 3 prizes of 1line/2 lines and full house. In 75 ball bingo there is just the one prize. Both the games have progressive jackpots.

What is the minimum age to be able to play?
Rainbow Bingo is in full support in the prevention of under-age gambling and the protection of minors from accessing online gaming sites. Rainbow Bingo strictly enforces the minimum age of playing of 21.

I want to make a suggestion who do I contact?
Rainbow Bingo has been created with always the player in mind and we always welcome any new suggestions that players may have. Please feel free to send us your thoughts by contacting us; we will be happy to take them into consideration

Do you list other games as well as Bingo?
Rainbow Bingo lists a great selection of other games such as slots, keno, video poker, scratch cards, high low games and many more.

How many tickets can I buy?
You can purchase up to anywhere from 3 bingo cards per game to 100 bingo cards per game. Fair and Square Bingo Lounges have a set number of cards of 15 at most online bingo operators.

What are the costs for cards?
Card price can vary depending on the lounge you are playing in and also according to that halls schedule.

Why do some people win more than me?
It is possible to see at times some of the fellow roomies winning more games. This can be due to several factors but most commonly due to those particular players purchasing more cards and playing
more games.

How many people will I compete against?
This is one of the great features of online bingo, the halls we list are open 24/7 and players come in and out of the halls at different times of the day. When choosing in which lounge to play in our display will show how many are in the hall before you even enter.

If I buy a lot of cards how can I keep track of which one is doing well?
All the cards purchased will be displayed. If for example you purchase 100 cards this is almost impossible to keep a track of therefore with our system of auto daub we bring the best card forward to the front of the pile so it’s very easy for you to keep track of.

What happens when a game starts and I want to join?
When a game is in progress it is not possible to suddenly join in the game as you will have to wait to the next one. Games generally last 5-6 minutes therefore it won’t be a long wait. You can either in this period of time order cards for the next game, play one of great mini or side games or have a chat to fellow roomies and our chat masters.

Do I have to mark off each card?
No. Most sites have an auto-daub system that takes the hard work away from you so you can enjoy watching the game unfold and chatting to other roomies.

What happens when I get BINGO?
If you are lucky enough to win a bingo game then a pop up will appear displaying your name and prize amount. The prize will then be automatically credited to your account.

Can I play two games at once?
Players can enjoy the option of playing several games at once if they so wish.

What is a chat master?
A chat master is on hand in bingo lounges to offer any advice or help to players. Chat masters are also on hand to inform players of specials or promotions whilst also playing great chat games where players can earn extra FREE cash.

What happens if someone is offensive in chat?
Chat masters will often intervene when such a player causes offensive and has the option to mute and ban a player if they are deemed as spoiling the fun for others.

What are bonus bucks?
Bonus Bucks work in exactly the same way as real cash and a gift to you. We give you playable bonus bucks on TOP of cash you have deposited with use of our exclusive bonus codes. If you spend the real cash then you can continue to play and win with the bonus bucks.

When do I get my bonus bucks?
There are several ways bonus bucks are awarded. Up to 500% at some sites initial sign up bonus on your first deposit, further bonus’ for subsequent deposits Referral bonus, chat masters award bonus bucks through our chat games Please see our Bonus page for more details.

How do I fund my account?
There are several methods depending on your preference that you can fund your account. Funding is easy and quick and you can be playing in a matter of a minute or

How quickly will I see my funds credited to my account?
Crediting of your account will often depend on the method of deposit. Most methods of payment will allow your funds to be credited virtually instantly.

Do I have to give my credit card details when registering?
Players are not required to enter such private information upon registration and are only required to do so upon depositing where there is the latest and encrypted software in order to protect players at all times.

Is using my credit card safe?
It is very safe using a credit card. Transactions are secured and encrypted using a (secure socket layer). In addition servers are protected by state of the art firewall protection which means that your personal information is kept securely giving you peace of mind.

When do I get paid my winnings?
Depending on the method chosen for withdrawal this can be very quickly. Rainbow Bingo processes withdrawals twice a week and we pride ourselves on being one of the quickest payers in the industry.

Do I have to deposit to play?
At some sites players are given an optional free trial bonus upon signing up allowing a player to test the games for free. Players will need to deposit to play after this point.

I have a friend I want to invite to play bingo do I get anything for it?
All players who have been invited and then subsequently deposit result in a player receiving a referral bonus from the listed sites as thank you from us. All your friend will need to do is place your username in the sign up stage where the system will trace this for you and credit your account.

I am a new player with a bonus code, how do i use it?
Rainbow Bingo may on occassion often new registrants an additional bonus to celebrate a new feature, game or event with a Bonus Code. Bonus codes are sent by email to our registered players; how have signed up for the Rainbow Bingo newsletter. To access the bonus code simply upon registration input the bonus code provided.

I am an existing player with a bonus code, how do i use it?
We like to treat all our emembers to special bonus codes that allow for extra treats. All bonus codes are for members who have signed up with us. Upon receiving your bonus code simply go to the Cashiers Page in the lobby of the respective site and validate your unique code.

Do I have to download anything?
Most games work on the latest flash software which means the games play directly from the internet. You will not need to download anything and will only need to update your computers flash player from time to time which you will be prompted to do so if necessary.
I want to play but won’t be at my computer what I can do?
Players can often play online bingo without having to be directly at the computer- simply set the Auto Buy feature on the Buy Cards screen and you can play without being at the computer.

I have forgotten my password how can I get it back?
Simply click ‘Forgot my Password’ link next to the sign in area and you can receive a new password.

I was playing and my connection went what happens to my cards?
With all our games we have an in built safety device that allows games to continue even if you suddenly lose your internet connection. Get cut off in the middle of the bingo- your cards will continue to play and all other side games will continue to play irrespective of whether you are connected. Your balance will be update with any prize winning accordingly.

Will there be anything new added to the site?
Yes we will be always adding new promotions and features to the site which we are sure you will enjoy.

Email problems?
If you can’t seem to get hold of the confirmation email or updates on our promotions or news then it might be necessary to check out your email settings.

  • Hotmail Users: Please add Rainbow Bingo to your SAFELIST (under Contacts Tab) to make sure all e-mails from us will go through.
  • Make sure you specify a VALID e-mail. If you used a dummy or non-existing e-mail, you will never get your registration code.
  • Make sure your e-mail is ACTIVE. Some e-mail providers routinely deactivate e-mail accounts if it has not been used for some time. E-mails to inactive accounts will bounce back to us.
  • Make sure your e-mail is not FULL. If your e-mail account is full, any messages sent to you will just bounce back to the sender.
  • Check your SPAM/JUNK folder (if any). Your e-mail program or provider may have incorrectly flagged our e-mail as junk.
  • Check your Profile page to see if your e-mail on file is correct. EDIT your e-mail as necessary, and you will be sent a new registration code.
  • There is an e-mail field at the bottom of the sign-in screen to re-send your registration code. Have you tried that? You will not receive your registration code nor can we respond to any of your inquiries if your e-mail was set to auto-refuse everything from unverified senders. This is more common with AOL/MSN/PeoplePC/EarthLink e-mails. Make sure RainbowBingo.com is included in your ALLOWED SENDERS LIST.
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